What We Do

We export a variety of baking machines, grain snack machines, and automatic packaging machines to nations worldwide.

Our food manufacturing system is an all-encompassing system including the production, packaging and selling of goods.


  • Baking Machines: Delice Global manufactures and operates DeliManjoo and Taiyaki machines and offer opportunities as they assist customers, from production to sales of their product line.
  • Grain Pop Machines: With grain snacks such as Kim’s Magic Pop, Deli Pop, Mini Pop and (rice/grain) Bap Pop machines, we manufacture and provide products using rice, brown rice and other multi-grain ingredients.
  • Automatic Packaging Machines: These machines are designed to pack rice cakes, chocolate, sushi, small cakes and snacks. We provide these customized products to meet the customers' needs.


  • We provide all baking supplies needed for our machines such as grain pellets, a wide variety of flavors, and special ingredients.


  • Our kiosks come with various options that can be altered to fit any space.


  • We also develop and provide promotional materials to increase sales such as packaging, display designs and advertising tools.

Delice Global’s support includes all facets of the business system from production, to packaging, and sales.

Business Support
Through our unique training system we can provide operators with instructional support for managing and running their business.

Market Research
We are continually researching the market to be highly competitive and ensure profits

Share our insights
We provide our insights and know-how's to help who have no previous business experience.

We plan events to strengthen our brand image.

We advertise within the media to keep brand image and sales strong

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